About College History

The group
Katni art & commerce college established in the year 2001, aims at imgrating higher education to the peopel of our country by running education institute. college affilated by Rani Durgawati University, jabalpur.The education has undertelent commedable wellfare activieties in the field of education.

Superior Facilities
Kacc campus is equlpeed with state-of-the-art facilities such as spacious class room, computer lab, libary and canteen. All of the highest standard. All classroom are fitted with green board.

Sport life
KACC has some of the finest sport activities for its student. Cricket tournament chess,basketball,volleyball, and many other tournament are arranged, KACC provides plateform for the sports person to accelerate thier potential, overall, there is a healthy and balenced intregation of work with play.

The KACC faculty
The KACC faculty ensure that the students become leaders who can work in diverse emiroments and accomplish the most compplex objective.As skilled teachers who are dedicated to student learning and highly accesible.they give KACC student and unmatched educational experience

Principal's Message

Dear Aspirant,

We are in the midest of a revolution. The nation is basking in the glory of a new proud generation that is taking the world by storm! the entire intellectual community of the world has woken up to the reality that India is a treasure-house of talent and intelligence. the youth of today are taking India to unparalleled heights of prosperity.the only raw material essential to this greater turn around is Education i.e. knowledge. knowledge is power.

From its inception in 2001,the KACC has established itself as one of the most successful and credible education body of its kind in Katni distt.

I can say with complete full confidence that the KACC present one of the finest educations as it is a community of learner, striving to educate the mind. nurture the sprite and faster the development of the whole individual.

KACC dedicated and talented faculty support the mission and continue to seek educational growth for themselves, they bring new and innovative ideas back into the classroom. The thirst of knowledge & love of learning thrive at KACC in students and teachers.

KACC is not just about state-of-art infrastructure , campus,classroom, and good faculty. KACC is about holistic students development about a unique learning space that gives you to opportunity to discover your potential ,sharpen your skills shape your personality and ultimate realise your potential.

At KACC we believe in you!
I welcome you to the new world of education.

Our Vision

To be a leading institution that contributes to the development of education and society through excellence in grooming leadership entrepreneurial talent and research.

Our Mission

To create intellectual capital in term of scholarly and practice oriented research relevant to its evolving tech-civilisation context.To continually promote a culture of academic excellence bench marked to the best institution in its peer group./p>